8 Benefits of a Cloud-based Contact Center

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50% of call centers that don’t use cloud technology reported they would begin using it before 2020 ends in order to have an omnichannel approach to customer service.**

To put it simply, antiquated call center tech can’t keep up with COVID-19 and the unique challenges these times have highlighted and compounded. When compared to cloud-based call center software, on-premise options have some very large faults such as integration issues, no all-in-one available, bulky use, cumbersome execution—all of which can cause a defect in efficiency rather than promoting it.

Overall, cloud contact center software wins easily with greater functionality with faster deployment. This allows the focus to stay where it needs to—on the customer experience and exceeding expectations. Also, a cloud-based contact center option decreases both cost and downtime.

Below we break down 8 benefits of a cloud-based contact center choice:

1. Enhanced Customer Experience – 24/7 customer service

An example of this is if a client contacts you through chat and then moves to contact via phone, cloud-based contact center agents have the ability to see the complete history log of interactions. Regardless of how the client interactions come through, the customer experience can be upheld.

2. Scalability and flexibility 

Cloud contact center solutions are different as they only need a small amount of onsite hardware or software. This offers an ease of flexibility as businesses can scale the number of phone lines and features up and down in real-time. Cloud contact centers can also nimbly remove agents or add additional agents based on moving call volumes.

3. Robust 360 reporting

Qubicles‘ built-in ACD, DNIS and Email Detail reports provide the metrics required to ensure KPIs are met. Reported metrics include calls offered, calls answered, calls abandoned, transfers, abandon percentage, service level, average answer time, average handle time, average speed of answer, and much more.

Agent performance reports in Qubicles allow campaign managers to measure each agent individually. Standard contact center metrics, such as average handle time, talk time, after call work time, and more are available within Qubicles’ agent reports.

Custom reporting is a great feature that allows access to raw data for custom reporting purposes. Managers can build numerous views of the various data captured by Qubicles to delivery unique and customer-specific reports.

4. Global reach/managing remote agents

As a result of COVID-19, this has become a huge benefit. Remote agents have become much more the standard and quite valuable both contact centers and many businesses around the world especially in 2020.

Also, because it only takes a web browser and good internet connection to be successful, agents can be based anywhere. This allows for a larger area, globally even, to find applicants when using a cloud-based contact center model.

5. Increased reliability

Overall, cloud-based solutions are held to a greater requirement for reliability. At Qubicles, we guarantee 99.99% uptime to our valued clients.

6. Affordability

A cloud-based contact center option is the more economical one. It removes the need for fixed pricing or having to sign a contract for a certain number of agents to manage scalability properly.

Actually, Qubicles is usage-based, so you only pay for what you need. No licensing fees, ever.

7. Smart, efficient routing and customization

Cloud contact centers also save agents time with features including IVR, ACD and smart, formulated callbacks. Productive routing can allow for heightened customer experiences and customers are intelligently matched with the proficient and knowledgeable agent to help them with their needs.

8. Save time, lessen downtime

Raised efficiency is another benefit of moving to a cloud-based option. Agents are able to experience heighted customer data from a variety of sources to allow for time-saving and an improved customer experience.

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