Are you thinking about moving to the cloud?

With the ever changing life span of technology, one thing that won’t change will be the importance of cloud computing. Whether you are working in Accounting, IT, Marketing or in a contact center environment, you may have been approached about the possibility of transitioning to the cloud. But are you ready?

Typically large and more established companies are more hesitant about this change due to the fear of losing critical data and possible downtime. These are valid concerns, but  once you make the change and realize the benefit, only then will you become comfortable enough to sell this idea to your colleagues. Following these strategies can help you sell the cloud to your team.

Do Your Research

When you’re trying to sell someone on a change – no matter what it is – you need to present them with the facts. Look to data from respected IT analysts like Gartner or  Forrester who can report on the cost savings of the cloud. The numbers clearly show that organizations are moving to the cloud. As per Forbes, “organizations are using multiple cloud models to meet their business’s needs, including private (62%), public (60%), and hybrid (26%).” Additionally, “75% of enterprises with greater than 1,000 employees have at least one app or platform running in the cloud today, leading all categories of adoption measured in the survey.”

Discuss Possible Challenges

Within some organizations, there is still a lot of fear surrounding the cloud. Some are afraid that it is not secure, while others fear transitioning to cloud software and applications will eliminate IT jobs. Others are just afraid of change. Don’t ignore these possible fears; address them head on! We challenge you to have an open conversation about the pros and cons before switching to the cloud. Through additional research you can find the cloud solution tailored for your organization.

Know The Benefits

You’re interested in the cloud, as such you make it a point to do your research. Don’t assume that your colleagues understand the benefits the way that you do.  We recommend that you come up with a list of the benefits regarding a transition to the cloud, and support those claims with solid data. This data  should include  a cost comparison that breaks down the annual expense of a cloud solution vs. an on-premise solution. You should also include details on the flexibility that cloud computing provides, including automatic upgrades, collaboration among remote sites, use of ease and convenience of accessing your information anywhere and at anytime.



About Fenero

Fenero is a leading provider of cloud solutions for contact centers. Based in Miami, Florida and headed by CEO,  Marlon Williams, Fenero helps companies lower their contact center costs, increase agent productivity and create an exceptional customer experience through its flexible, reliable and scalable cloud contact center solution.

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