Built-in Screen Recording, PCI-compliant IVRs, Automatic Data Feeds, Broadcast Instant Messaging, Improved Lead Management, New Reports and More in Fenero Contact Center Software v1.5.5

We have been hard at work making our software one of the best solutions available. As a result of our standard product roadmap development and customer feedback, version 1.5.5 introduces a really cool major feature as well as numerous minor improvements to Fenero Contact Center. Continue reading for details on our new and enhanced features.

Built-in Real Time Screen Recording

Our major announcement in version 1.5.5 is built-in support for real time agent screen recording! This feature works by running a small Java applet within our browser-based agent interface that monitors when a call arrives and when a call is dispositioned. You must ensure our applet is given permissions to run every time on the agent’s desktop in
order for this feature to function seamlessly. When prompted for permissions to run in the browser, simply check the “Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above” check box to avoid being prompted every time an agent logs in.

As a call arrives to the agent’s desktop, our screen recorder silently records the entire desktop and all actions performed by the agent for the duration of  the call. Once a call is dispositioned (note: not when a call
ends but when the agent dispositions the call), the screen recording completes and is silently and automatically uploaded to our unlimited storage service for persisting.

All screen recordings can be accessed, searched, and filtered in the same manner as call recordings using our Quality Assurance app.

PCI-Compliant Data Capture

We realize that protecting your customer’s personal cardholder  information is paramount in today’s environment. In this release, we are announcing support for PCI-compliant data capture. If enabled on the Transfers tab, your agents will be able to send customers to an IVR to collect personal information, such as SSN or credit card information, and return once the information has been captured. This helps prevent fraud and ensures the integrity of your customer’s information remains intact.

Broadcast Instant Messages

The previous release of Fenero Contact Center introduced internal instant messaging for agent-to-agent and supervisor-to-agent chat. In this release, agent-to-supervisor as well as mass broadcast instant messaging
is now available using the Realtime app.

Improved Lead Management

Automatic Lead Archiving and Improved Deletion Support

Census allows you to import an unlimited number of files for manual, preview, progressive or predictive dialing. Over time, the number of lists could clutter the Census interface making it difficult to manage your active lists.

We have improved the lead management capabilities in Census in two ways:

1) All lists that are inactive (in a “Stopped” state) and have not been dialed in 45 days or more are automatically archived. While the lists themselves still appear in Census, their Total Population count will show zero (0). You can always reactivate these lists at any time, which will automatically retrieve their records from archive and back into the live leads database.

This process helps keep the live leads database performing at its optimal capacity by archiving records that are no longer actively called. Reports are not affected by this process.

2) You can now delete lists in Census without losing any reporting associated with those lists. In previous versions of
Fenero Contact Center, deleting a list would also delete all the records associated with it, affecting your ability to run
historical reports on old lists. Version 1.5.5 introduces archiving of those leads, which keeps them available for reporting purposes while removing them from the list of available dialing lists in Census.

Editing Custom Field Definitions

Version 1.1.5 of Fenero
Contact Center introduced the concept of custom fields used
to build custom data entry forms for your agents. 
With this release, you can now easily edit the
definitions of your custom fields without affecting existing data
capture records.

Automatic Data Push

Contact Center captures different data points for your
business. This includes call logs, call recordings, user
activity and much more. In version 1.5.5, you can now specify an
FTP site by clicking on your name in the upper left section of the
navigation bar in Fenero Manager and we will automatically feed
captured data to this FTP site for your records.

Hovering over your name in the navigation bar will bring up
two tabs that allows you to manage account information for your
company: Account and FTP. Account allows you to update company
information used to register with Fenero Contact Center. FTP
allows you to enter connection information for your FTP site where
you would like data automatically fed to.

Easily Copy Existing Campaigns and

Copying existing campaigns and
ACD queues is now a very simple and quick task. Using the
respective app (Campaigns or ACD Queues apps), you will see
a new Copy option next to each existing campaign or
ACD queue. To create a new campaign or ACD queue using the
settings of an existing, simply click Copy next to the
desired campaign or ACD queue, enter a new name when
prompted, and click Copy to begin the process. That’s

A new campaign or ACD
queue will be created and all settings including prompts,
dispositions, etc from the existing campaign or ACD queue
will be copied. 

ACD Queue

One of the features
available in our ACD Queues app allows you to setup max call
queue limits. Once this limit has been reached, previous
versions of Fenero Contact Center allowed you to play a
message to your callers and then hang up. In this release,
we now support additional options for callers who have
reached your call queue limit. This includes: forwarding these
callers to another number, sending callers to a voicemail box,
forwarding callers to another ACD queue or, as was always present,
hanging up.

addition, you may now customize your music-on-hold per
queue in a very easy manner as well as control the on-hold
prompt that’s played to callers waiting for an agent. Finally,
our after-hours feature has been updated to play a message
and then perform an action, such as routing to
voicemail, forwarding, or hanging up.

Several New Reports

release introduces several new standard reports to help
provide additional visibility into your operations. These
reports are as follows:

  • Agent Time Detail – Allows you to view a breakdown
    summary of how agents are spending their time, such as
    Logged In, Break, Ready, After Call Work, and other custom
    reason codes you have defined.
  • Agent Log – Provides contact-level data on each
    interaction handled by an agent and the associated talk,
    wrap, and handle time.
  • Agent Disposition Summary – Reports on disposition
    data at the agent level for the specified period.
  • Interaction Detail Log – Provides
    call-level history for all leads imported into
    the system including custom field
  • Lead Detail
    – Provides call-level history for all leads,
    including call time data.
  • System Call Log – Allows you to view real-time
    inbound and outbound call log activity.
  • DNC Log – Allows you to view or
    export current campaign DNC phone


Several minor enhancements were
performed to improve certain functions of the
system. These include:

  • Dispo When Caller Hangs Up: Found under the
    Campaign General tab, this will automatically
    take agents to the disposition window when a
    caller hangs up if set to Yes.
  • Dispo When End Call Pressed: Found under the
    Campaign General tab, this will automatically
    take agents to the disposition window after
    they’ve pressed the End Call button if set to
  • Custom & System
    : Found under the Campaign
    General tab, this allows you to control whether
    agents see both custom and system dispositions, such as
    Busy, or if agents only see your custom dispositions
  • Show/Display
    Interaction Form
    : Found on the General tab
    of a Campaign or the Main tab of an ACD Queue, this
    option expands on the “screen pop” actions and allows you to
    show agents a custom data entry interaction form when a call
  • Force Preview
    : Found under the Campaign Dialer
    tab, this allows you to force preview dialing on all
    manual outbound calls. If enabled, agents will only be
    allowed to place manual calls in preview and are allowed to
    skip records.
  • Dialer
    : Found under the Campaign Dialer tab,
    enabling the Dialer Queue for all outbound manual calls
    ensures that all rules, such as max attempts, DNC checking,
    and others are performed for manual dialing. If not enabled
    for manual or preview dialing, lead recycling rules are not
    enforced. This feature must be enabled for predictive


Other improvements have been
made system-wide to further increase the
reliability, stability, and ease of use of the system.

  • Reliability updates in the Fenero Contact
    Center Agent includes minor bug fixes, preview
    dialing enhancements and interface updates.
  • Report generation has been optimized to increase
    performance and reduce execution time.
  • Performance updates were performed in the Quality
    Assurance app to ease filtering and for faster retrieval of
  • ACD routing engine has been
    updated to increase reliability, improve
    estimated hold time calculations, and for better
    call handling

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