Hiring the Right Customer Service Agents for Your Contact Center

In the Contact Center Industry, recruitment is the most important factor to be successful but can be the most demanding process. Due to this demand, many companies hire just to fill the openings but don’t necessarily fill these slots with the candidates with the best experience to match the profile needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle as hiring the wrong people will increase your contact center turnover. This turnover can be a result of bad performers, but you can also lose good performers due to the behavior/performance of those that are not so favorable.

Here are the areas you should focus on when hiring contact center agents:

Experience – Candidates should have at least  one year experience in the customer service industry. For example, retail and fast food experience are great as employees are required to handle face to face interactions with customers. Working in retail/fast food or any other employer that requires face to face communication helps build one’s character, patience and ability to think outside the box to provide resolution.

Please note, longevity is equally important.  If possible, refrain from hiring job hoppers. Job hoppers have multiple employers every year and typically leaves each employer after 30-90 days of employment.

If the candidate had more than two jobs without a valid reason for leaving, this candidate can be a risk and will leave your company if not satisfied with the job details.

Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills – There are several ways to communicate with candidates in order to assess these areas.  As an employer/recruiter you have the ability to check grammar via written communication on email and resume provided.  As it relates to verbal communication, you can assess this during a pre-screening interview, a phone call, or a face-to-face interview.

Your employee is a reflection of the company, any brands you represent and the culture you are fostering at your organization. Your candidate must be able to articulate well. During the interview process, ask a lot of open ended questions and listen for any slang or mispronunciation; implement script reading if needed. Some contact centers, incorporate other assessments to assess grammar, written communication and technical skills.

Utilizing some or all of these ideas will greatly assist your contact center in acquiring and keeping great agents.

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