Importance of Scalability in the Contact Center

To be a successful Contact Center Manager, you must be able identify and forecast the needs of your campaign/project(s) which at times can be  uncertain.   There are unpredictable spikes in the  contact center that causes longer holder times which can result in negative customer service experiences.  Longer hold times  can also impact sales depending on the line of business or campaigns you are running.


Fenero is built upon a scalable and redundant infrastructure and our elasticity allows you to seamless grow from 50 agents to 200 agents instantly.


Our software was designed to be a highly reliable and scalable contact center solution. The Linux open source operating system has been proven to be a very stable and dependable operating system, arguably the best contender to the solidity of Unix. Based on the popular CentOS distribution of the Linux, Fenero Contact Center runs on an enterprise-ready and proven version of this operating system. Due to the low costs of implementation for Linux-based systems, scaling Fenero Contact Center horizontally (adding more servers) or vertically (adding more hardware resources such as memory or disk space) is a very straightforward and seamless process.

Besides the scalability, Fenero can help you save thousands based on the demands of your center. You will have the ability to manage your team anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. This includes but not limited to monitoring calls, silently coaching your representatives, utilize home agents, running real-time and historical analytical reports and many more.


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