Importance of Training and Development

When Human Resources hires an employee, they understand that a learning curve will be in place based on the employee’s prior experience and/or field of study. Most companies prefer that their candidates have the experience to minimize any delays during the transition period, which is honestly the best route!

But have you ever hired an employee that misled you on their experience only to realize it after he/she has been onboarded? It happened to me and I definitely learned from that experience. Besides creating a pre-hire assessment, I revamped the training process.

It’s imperative that the training plan incorporate all the tools and resources needed to be successful. The goal of said training is to educate, improve job performance and to further develop your employees. Depending on your business, this training must be clear/concise and include the following:

  • Relevant information (Remove the fluff)
  • Checkpoints (Quizzes or Activities) to ensure the data is being retained
  • Knowledge Base so your employees can revert back to pertinent information whenever needed

Why do some companies fail in this area?

Some companies don’t have the right personnel in place to train, follow up and coach. Depending on your field, processes may change frequently. How do you share these updates with your employees? Here are some tips that can be beneficial for your company….

  • Find employees in your company that you consider to be subject matter experts in certain processes and have them document the information needed
  • Your experts will be responsible to keep training material updated monthly
  • Host bi-weekly/monthly refresher training sessions
  • Hire contract trainers when needed

These minor tips can bring tremendous growth to your organization. When you hire the right people, invest in their development, your company will continue to flourish and increase in revenue.


Fenero is a leading provider of cloud solutions for contact centers. Based in Miami, Florida and headed by CEO Marlon Williams, Fenero helps companies to lower their contact center costs, increase agent productivity and create an exceptional customer experience through its flexible, reliable and scalable cloud contact center solution.

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