Qubicles’ Marlon Williams Named on Miami’s Top 18 Black Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020

“With protests raging across the country against systemic racism and police brutality, the importance of combating the inequitable conditions facing black people in America is currently under as bright a national spotlight as we’ve seen shone on it in decades,” states Felecia Hatcher in the August 10, 2020 article Driving Growth – Miami’s Black Startup Community and 18 Founders Driving Its Growth in 2020

One large aspect of this challenging battle is the support of black entrepreneurship as the expansion of this is highly effective in the fight to reduce the equity gap that exists in the United States.

Over the past 10 years, the black startup community in Miami has experienced exponential expansion.

Qubicles is proud to have Founder and CEO Marlon Williams on this prestigious list of the Top 18 Black Entrepreneurs and Companies to Watch in 2020 and Beyond.

From the article:

“Marlon Williams has almost two decades of experience in software, and he’s founded multiple firms in the medical, information management, and contact center verticals. His current venture, Qubicles, is at the forefront of practical blockchain application, offering a decentralized marketplace designed to connect contact centers with talented agents. Qubicles solves a problem for call centers by providing them the flexibility to staff up and down as their workload dictates, and provides a cryptocurrency-based incentive for agents that ensures the marketplace can retain top talent.”

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To learn more about Qubicles, visit www.qubicles.io.

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