Remote Work Solutions for Contact Centers

COVID-19 has changed how organizations work significantly.

Business operations need to continue regardless of uncertainty in our current climate. Remote working is quickly becoming the new normal with some companies going to a permanent “remote-first” model such as Twitter, Slack, Shopify, Facebook, Coinbase and Square.

The traditional contact center in-office may not be a valid option for the foreseeable future. What’s the next best step, then?

The clear solution for contact centers is a cloud strategy. Employees can work off of a single system allowing easy management of day-to-day tasks and operations. This allows the real focus to stay on the customer experience regardless of where employees are working from – whether that be a home office or a corporate one.

Capterra has compiled the top 5 free and open source call center solutions.

With automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, multi-channel functionality, unlimited free users, built-in CRM and marketing automation tools, Qubicles is the only forward-looking contender on this short list.

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