See how Qubicles stacks up to Five9: More features. Unparalleled savings.

In the cloud-based contact center software vendor world, there are quite a bit of options. Did you know that based on user ratings by Gartner, Qubicles ranks higher than Five9 in Features & Functionality, Value for Money, and Ease of Use?


A few of Qubicles’ reviews include:

“The software is very easy to use. It is also very well supported, packed with features and amazing reporting.”

“Easy to navigate, has self-help knowledge base, real time reporting, easy to create stations and users, …everything.”

“Pricing is amazing, best in the biz. Overall functionality is what we need.”


Want to know more? We’ve broken down in detail both the cost benefits and the features for Qubicles vs. Five9.

Cost Benefits vs. Five9: Save an average of at least 50%: 

With Qubicles, their business model helps contact centers save 50% or more per year on software licensing and telecommunication costs compared to contact center software competitors such as Five9.

Unlike other cloud contact center software providers, Qubicles has no licensing fees, no hidden fees and is usage-based.

They focus largely on testing and delivering the latest innovations in communications technology to help you more efficiently run your contact center – minus the high costs of current call center vendors and the headaches associated with running an internal IT infrastructure.

Built-in Features vs. Five9: Qubicles is redefining & re-imagining the contact center industry.

Both Qubicles and Five9 have:

  • Built-in telecom services
  • Quality assurance & auditing
  • Reporting & API integrations
  • Contact center software as a service (CCaaS)

What differentiates Qubicles is that they are both forward-thinking and innovative. They are uniquely changing the game with unrivaled blockchain-based contact center software.

Unique features available through Qubicles include no software licensing fees, usage-based transactional billing, learning management and training, a decentralized talent recruiting network, blockchain-issued recognition rewards, Telos-based cryptocurrency utility token and more.

See the Qubicles vs Five9 Comparison Report below to see how these two contact center software vendors stack up in offered features.

In addition to their considerable feature set, Qubicles offers enterprise-level stability and scalability and 24×7 paid support plans that include unmatched flexibility and customization.

The Qubicles team is also a respected block producer in blockchain projects, including WAX and Telos, and are creators of the popular Sqrl cryptocurrency wallet for EOSIO. Qubicles is clearly knowledgeable about the power of blockchain and how it can revolutionize businesses.

With new leading-edge modernizations and developments, is clearly a bright contender in an industry deprived of innovation.


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