What’s New in Fenero 2.0.6

What’s New in Version 2.0.6

We have been very busy at work adding lots of features and functionality in Fenero for 2017 – many of which were driven by our valued customers! This latest “What’s New” report shares the details of these wonderful updates with you – feel free to login and give them a shot!

100% Call Recording Encryption at Rest for PCI Compliance

By default, Fenero now encrypts call recordings at rest using one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). This process is entirely transparent and requires no effort on your part. Essentially, once a call has ended  its recording is encrypted using a unique key for that call. This unique key is further encrypted using a master encryption key that is rotated on a regular basis. Your file is subsequently stored in its encrypted form.

New Features for Fenero Flow

Fenero Flow is our leading contact center scripting tool that allows you to build simple or complex applications for managing customer interactions. There has been several updates to Flow that are worth mentioning:

  • New Transfer Functionality – you can now add an Action button in Flow that allows agents to transfer calls directly within a Flow. The various transfer options supported are blind, warm, park and dial or local transfer. Prior to this new option for the Action control, agents would’ve needed to navigate out of their Flow to access the transfer options available in the agent interface.
  • Disposition and Go to Pause – your agents can now select an option directly within Flow’s disposition dialog to place themselves in Pause mode immediately after dispositioning.
  • Send Emails Directly Within a Flow – you can now send emails directly from a Flow. Using the Email Accounts app, you can create predefined email templates, with support for Flow fields in the form of variables in your template, and allow agents to send emails directly to contacts during interactions. Simply drag and drop an Action control, specify the Send an Email action, and select your template from the dropdown to enable this feature.
  • Reusing Field Labels – Flow now allows you to create fields with the same “Field Labels” across your entire Flow. This allows you to reuse the same content in your fields across various Flow Pages as needed.
  • Lead House-holding Search – this new option in the Action control allows you to instruct Flow to search for duplicate leads in the system and present the agents with all search results. Agents can then subsequently work each duplicate record, helping your organization maintain a clean and de-duped list of contacts in your databases.

Automatic Support PIN Generation; Support Call Logs Report

In an effort to continue providing great customer service to our valued clients, you are now automatically assigned a Support PIN once you have successfully subscribed to a Support Plan. Additionally, all your phone calls to Fenero Support can now be tracked and reported in the Support Call History section of the Billing app.

Manage Low Balance Thresholds

You can now manage the billing email address on your account and setup low balance thresholds for alerts. These options help ensure your account never runs out of funds.

Delete System Dispositions per Campaign

Prior to version Fenero 2.0.6, you could not selectively delete System dispositions from the Dispositions tab of your campaigns. With this release, you can now delete system dispositions on a per-campaign basis. Simply click the red minus sign next to any system disposition you would like to remove from your campaign.

Integrated Assistance with Contextual Help Support

Fenero 2.0.6 now comes with integrated assistance on every page, which includes contextual help articles based on the app you’re currently using. Simply click the Need Help button located on the lower left of any page to access this feature.

Web Phone Updates

Since the release of Fenero Web Phone, several updates have been made to help make the use of Web Phone easier! These include:

  • Auto Answer – you can now set Auto Answer on your Web Phone stations. This will instruct Web Phone to automatically answer any incoming call that arrives to your work station.
  • Auto Minimize – to help clear up real estate on the agent interface for your reps, you can instruct Web Phone to automatically minimize itself once an agent logs in.

Text-based Scripts and Custom Fields Retired

Fenero no longer supports its traditional text-based scripting tool, which had no support for logic, branching or similar advanced functionality. We also removed support for the old method of configuring  custom fields.

Flow is the application of choice for any custom fields and scripting support in the Fenero platform moving forward. It is much easier to use and possesses a plethora of functionality that has proven to meet the complex demands of most agent-customer interactions.

Archive Campaigns

For clients managing tens or hundreds of campaigns, you can now easily archive campaigns without deleting them to keep your management interfaces clean. Simply open the Campaigns app and click Archive on any campaign you would like to archive.

Better Master DNC Management

In addition to importing numbers into both Master- and Campaign-specific DNC lists, you can now manually manage all entries in your master DNC, a feature that was only previously available for campaign DNC lists. Use the DNC tab in Census to manage all phone numbers in your DNCs.



Record Forwarded Calls

This version of Fenero comes with the ability to continue recording calls that have been forwarded outside of the Fenero platform for your DNISes. To enable this feature, open your DNIS & ACR app and enable the FowardRec option on your DNISes you would like to record forwarded calls for.

New Data Capture IVR Option

You can now build Call Menu IVRs that allows callers to enter custom data, perform lookups against that data, and make routing decisions based on the results of these lookups. Some of the settings allowed are as follows:

  • Language – supported languages include English, French and Spanish
  • Initial Prompt – an initial message to play to provide the caller with proper instructions
  • Confirmation Prompt – the prompt played back to the caller to confirm their entry
  • Accept Entry Prompt – the prompt played when the caller’s entry has been accepted
  • Thank You Prompt – the prompt played once the caller successfully completes the IVR
  • Invalid Prompt – the prompted played if the caller fails to successfully complete the IVR’s validation
  • Max Attempts – the number of retries to offer the caller before considering the attempt a failure
  • Rejected Prompt – the prompt played when the caller’s attempt has been rejected
  • Rejected IVR – the IVR to route callers to when rejected
  • Accepted IVR – the IVR to route callers to when accepted

Route Calls When Agents Aren’t Ready

The Fenero ACD now supports the ability to perform custom routing actions based on whether agents are logged in but are in a Not Ready state. This option can be found on  the Main tab of your ACD queues app.

Separation of Historical and Real-time Reporting

To increase the performance of your services, all reports have been permanently split between historical and real-time databases. This allows you to run really large historical reports without adversely affecting your real-time production, while also decreasing the time it takes to run real-time reports.

Quality Assurance Audit in Results

The last time a recorded call was audited along with the last auditor now appears in the search results for recordings. This allows you to quickly see whether a call was already audited and by whom.

Faster System Email Notifications

Fenero 2.0.6 has been updated to support faster email notifications platform-wide. This includes voicemail recordings that you have configured email notifications for and any disposition triggers on your ACD queues or campaigns. Emails will be received within seconds of a voicemail being recorded or a disposition being triggered.

Bulk Lead Import via FTP

Census provides a very easy to use wizard for importing leads into Fenero. However, if you are managing hundreds of new lists per day, Census’ import wizard could become a tedious process over time. As a result of this, we have introduced the ability to import lead files in bulk via FTP. The following describes how this process works:

  1. Create an empty list in Census first with any required custom fields (via Flow) needed for your campaign. You can also use the CreateList API to programmatically create lists
  2. Make sure all file names end with the Fenero List ID for the specified list
  3. File names will also need to include the dupe checks you’d like to perform. Dupe check options are outlined in the examples below
  4. Once these steps have been completed, simply post the files to your Fenero-supplied FTP server using the credentials provided by Fenero Support
  5. Fenero will automatically pick up your files, import and archive them once processed…and send you an email once it’s fully completed

Here’s a sample file naming convention: yourfilename_DUPOPTION_FeneroListID.csv

DUPOPTION can be one of three possible values:

  1. DUPALL – will check dupes across all leads in the system
  2. DUPCAMP – will check dupes across all lists on the campaign the current list is associated with
  3. DUPLIST – will check dupes within the current list only

Station IP Address Restrictions

You can now limit station registrations to specific IP addresses or IP networks. Simply create a new station, or edit an existing one, and select the Security tab. Enter as many individual IP addresses or networks as required using standard CIDR notation and only those IP addresses will be allowed to register stations in your account.

Multiple Schedules for Dialing Lists

Traditionally, dialing lists were only allowed to run within the hours specified on your campaign. Fenero 2.0.6 has taken this further and allows you to specify one or more schedules within the campaign’s general hours of operations for your  lists.


Updated APIs

Facilitating access to your data and functionality with Fenero is a core aspect of our service. As a result, we have added several methods to our Interaction API to assist you with integration efforts. These include:

  • GetAreLiveChatAgentsOnline – this new API method can be used to determine if there are any agents online and available to provide live chat support to your customers
  • CreateUser – simple method used to create new users and assign them to specific campaigns or queues
  • CreateStation – used to create new phone stations in the system
  • CreateList – allows you to create new dialing lists for your campaigns
  • ClearList – allows you to clear the contents of dialing lists without deleting the lists
  • UpdateList – allows you to update the names of existing dialing lists in the system
  • CreateCampaign – dynamically create new inbound, outbound or blended campaigns
  • AssignUnassignCampaign – given a set of users, this method allows you to assign or unassign agents to campaigns
  • GetDialingFilters – retrieves all existing dialing filters in the system
  • UpdateDialingFilter – allows you to update the SQL code for existing dialing filters

We have also open sourced a .NET API application that helps you automate the extraction and loading of data from Fenero into your internal systems. This can be found at our Open Source Fenero GitHub repository (https://github.com/fenero/opensource).

Finally, one of our valued clients, Chris Vaden, created a Python module for the Fenero Cloud Contact Center API and made it available for the world to use – thanks, Chris! Visit Chris’ GitHub account (https://github.com/crvaden/fenero) to view or fork this code for your internal purposes.


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